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Flash Tattoos

Ephemeral tattoos - gold, silver and black DAKOTA
Flash Tattoos Ephemeral tattoos - gold, silver and black DAKOTA   $32.79   $9.84 
Flash Tattoos

Inspired by jewelry and created by you, Flash Tattoos are the perfect way to show off your style and your gorgeous body. Use your creativity to mix and match different patterns and colors of Flash Tattoos. You can create an elaborate design on the side of your leg, wrap them in stylish Boho bands around your arms or put a small simple design on ankle. The sky is the limit with these eye-catching tattoos. Buy them for yourself to be unique, or buy a bunch to share with your friends. You can change your look every week with these non-permanent tattoos. They are safe and easy to remove.

Show off your body with these fabulous temporary Flash Tattoos, and combine designs to come up with your own creations! Are you tired of wearing the same accessories as everyone else, whatever is trendy at the moment? Cufflinks, section collars, and knuckle rings don’t do it for you anymore, and you’re looking for an original alternative to make you shine? Dare to replace your real jewelry with temporary tattoos! Be assured, this is nothing for children, this are real jewels for the skin. The gold and silver designs are chic, Eastern, rock, or romantic, and can be combined however you desire. And if you all have the same jewelry anyway, try tattoos and trick the eye!


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