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Flip flops

Anatomic man khaki & black sport sandals - SLAMMED ROVER OLIVE/RASTA
Reef Anatomic man khaki & black sport sandals - SLAMMED ROVER OLIVE/RASTA   $50.20 
Anatomic flip-flops - brown woven - CUSHION SMOOTHY BROWN
Reef Anatomic flip-flops - brown woven - CUSHION SMOOTHY BROWN   $44.63 
Brown comfortable flip flops with molded sole - CONTOURED CUSHION BROWN
Reef Brown comfortable flip flops with molded sole - CONTOURED CUSHION BROWN   $44.63 
Comfortable coral shiny wedge thongs - KRYSTAL STAR FLAME
Reef Comfortable coral shiny wedge thongs - KRYSTAL STAR FLAME   $35.70 
Anatomic flip-flops with beige straps from natural vegan leather - CUSHION BOUNCE VISTA NATURAL
Reef Anatomic flip-flops with beige straps from natural vegan leather - CUSHION BOUNCE VISTA NATURAL   $50.20 
Anatomic flip-flops with black straps from natural vegan leather - CUSHION BOUNCE VISTA BLACK/NATURAL
Reef Anatomic flip-flops with black straps from natural vegan leather - CUSHION BOUNCE VISTA BLACK/NATURAL   $50.20 
Comfortable wedge thongs with crossed straps - BLISS WILD HI BROWN GOLD
Reef Comfortable wedge thongs with crossed straps - BLISS WILD HI BROWN GOLD   $42.39 
Comfortable black wedge thongs - reptile pattern - BLISS WILD HI BLACK SNAKE
Reef Comfortable black wedge thongs - reptile pattern - BLISS WILD HI BLACK SNAKE   $42.39 
Comfortable sandals with coral pearls straps - CUSHION BOUNCE SLIM CORAL BEADS
Reef Comfortable sandals with coral pearls straps - CUSHION BOUNCE SLIM CORAL BEADS   $42.39 
Comfort green olive flip-flops without PVC - REEF SWITCHFOOT OLIVE/GOLD
Reef Comfort green olive flip-flops without PVC - REEF SWITCHFOOT OLIVE/GOLD   $24.54 
Flip-Flops - Slim Black
Havaianas Flip-Flops - Slim Black   $27.89 
Blue and white flip flops from Havaianas with logo - Brasil Logo Marine Blue
Havaianas Blue and white flip flops from Havaianas with logo - Brasil Logo Marine Blue   $25.66 
Flip-Flops - Slim Sand Grey/Light Golden
Havaianas Flip-Flops - Slim Sand Grey/Light Golden   $27.89 
Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo Citrus Yellow
Havaianas Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo Citrus Yellow   $25.66 
Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo Black
Havaianas Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo Black   $25.66 
Havaianas Flip-Flops - HAVAIANAS TOP NAVY BLUE   $22.30 
Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo Navy Blue
Havaianas Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo Navy Blue   $25.66 
Havaianas Flip-Flops - HAVAIANAS TOP WHITE   $22.30 
Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo White
Havaianas Flip-Flops - Brasil Logo White   $24.53 
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Flip flops

Being trendy and fashionable from head to toe is now possible. Take a look at our original flip flops and choose the model that best matches your style and personality. Our flip flops are very comfortable, resistant, durable and, last but not least, are a feast for the eyes. Their bold colors, unique patterns, fresh designs and motifs won’t surely make you go unnoticed. You may wear them at the beach and not only, being made from quality materials that adjust to the natural curves of your feet. They are ideal for everyday use and have been designed to do justice to your Brazilian swimsuit. Sassy and sexy, flip flops women will want to wear every day can be found here. Flip flops women are sporting now are both cute and comfortable with a bit of pizzaz that accentuates your delicate foot and feminine flair.

Why Should You Buy Flip Flops?

Flip flop shoes are not only an essential item for a beach resort, but they are also the perfect shoes for a trip to the pool on a warm day. They are some of the most versatile shoes, and they often accentuate any wardrobe for any occasion! Whether you have a holiday party or a fun trip planned, they are a comfortable, fashionable choice! With every sale, we present cheap options for you. Regardless, you won't regret a purchase!

Advice on How to Choose the Right Flip-Flops for Your Feet

Believe it or not, everyone has their own unique feet. summer shoes typically provide more 'foot freedom' in width and comfort. After recognizing your personal needs, you can assess how much support you need in a shoe. You can also compare sizes with our size guide to ensure the best fit for you! If you need more of a grip, you might want to purchase one of our style that offer backstraps. Needing more efficient support? No problem! We offer flip-flops with thicker soles and well-cushioned arches that provide ample support. Before purchasing beach shoes, familiarize yourself with your intentions and needs. If you use them solely for summery activities, an original style might be suitable. However, thicker-soled, heeled, and arched styles might be more beneficial if you have frequent foot issues like heel pain or if you intend to wear them for exhaustive activities.

While it can be difficult to choose footwear that matches your skin tone, beach shoes provide a certain element of relief! Sandals' varying shades and designs stunningly accent almost any and every skin tone. Vibrant-colored shoes accentuate all skin colors, check out our red flip flops for women. Certain lighter shades (such as beige) could blend in with paler skin more easily, but luckily, even these colors are available in sundry tones! Similarly, dark-colored styles are more susceptible to blend with darker skin tones. This is contingent only on your personal preferences; particular shades are never a faux pas!

Shop our white flip flops and sandals

"What's the best style for my body type?" This might be another relevant concern you have. If you have wider calves or thicker ankles, a more platform-type of heel might accentuate your body more efficiently. These heeled flip flops both seemingly shape and elongate your legs. Ladies with thicker thighs might benefit from a patterned style to highlight their delicate feet. Those who are very tall and skinny might prefer a chunkier heel as well to give an illusory image of weight. Shorter people typically select thicker-heeled shoes as well, but realistically, a flat style would be more pleasant. If you are shorter, you could even consider our gladiator sandal to provide a taller appearance. Foot issues aside, flat sandals are usually the go-to shoe; they are versatile, cozy, and add to any wardrobe or occasion.

Our Featured Flip Flops

Whether you are shopping for yourself, a friend, or a family member, we promote a wide variety of shoes that are designed to meet several style, size, and type preferences. Many of our Brazilian flip flops are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and prints! Some of our designer brands advertise special features:

Ipanema, Rider, and Melissa brands

These splendidly-designed beach shoes are made of recycled PVC, a feature unique to the brands. In addition to their distinctive composition, these brands are available in women, men, and children sizes in an extensive amount of colors and styles. Our styles come with options of backstraps, thicker soles, and heeled styles. These designs include patterns such as floral, tropical, plain-you name it. The children's department features adorable styles as well, such as glitter sandals for girls. On another note, their popular high heel flip flops for women would best serve those with foot concerns or unique body types.

The brands also design sandals and slippers. If you've searched these brands for womens beach shoes, you're in the right place! Our shop sells a variety of stylish, accommodating beach sandals as well, perfecting your luxurious walks in the sand.


This particular brand designs their shoes with rubber, which often alludes to a well-cushioned, cozy shoe. Referencing more than just the gorgeous styles, this brand also makes baby boy and girl sandals. Each of the brands mentioned offer children's shoes; it depends on your preference of composition. Havaianas additionally offers a sport flip flop, essential to those active, athletic people! These flip flops frequently promote backstraps. Not only does the brand offer thick and thin-soled shoes and high or flat heels, but they are also available in patterns you and a young child would love (including leopard, Disney, and Star Wars designs)!

Havaianas flip-flops for women & men

Check out our outstanding collection of Havaianas for women and men! Newest models of the world’s most famous flip-flop brand available on Brazilian Bikini Shop!

Havaianas are world’s favorite flip-flop brand! The Havaianas flip-flops for women and for men are very durable, have a nice soft brazilian rubber sole, do not slip or rub the feet skin. They also have an interesting history and origins. The idea of creating these flip flops was based on Zori – traditional Japanese flip flops made of rice straw. Till today Havaianas’ sole is textures in rice grains, this trait makes it also exceptional and unique. At the beginning of their career in the 1960’ the flip flops were sold in different sizes but only in white and blue. In the 90’s they started to come out in patterns and more colors and since that time the designers creativity has no limits! Today you can find Havaianas flip-flops for women and men with Swarovski elements, with original and slim stripe and many different prints: floral, tropical, animal and whole variety of colors and their combinations you can imagine! Havaianas last for much more than one season, but they are so likable and pretty that many women usually buy a few pairs in different colors to match their summer outfits! They are simply irresistible, and Made in Brazil!

Flip Flops for Women

In a more specific overview, we have categorized many of our styles in flip flops women. This category organizes women's shoes by their trends and brands, but more vastly by their various colors and embellishments. Some colors exclusive to the female styles are:

- Rhinestone flip flops

- Pink flip - Gold flip flops Our shoes for beach come in common but also especial colors that are frequently difficult to encounter(e.g. red, gold, and multicolor paints). The assortment of shades and patterns are designed to marvelously accentuate any ensemble-adult, child, male, or female!

There is nothing common about these women flip flops by famous designers, Ipanema, Zaxy, Grendha and many more. These are sophisticated sandals embellished with hardware, graphics and extra straps. Proudly designed and made in Brazil from 100 percent recyclable PVC material, these women flip flops are nothing like regular casual sandals. Some are heeled for an elegant look while others are flat, casual and classic. Color choices range from solid neutrals to bright and cheerful with graphics all over. Some of the styles from the luxury line of women flip flops are bejewelled for a grown-up look that would make your beach get-up stand out in a crowd. Whatever your personal style, we have the flip flops women to match your swimwear, casual outfit and your mood.

Select Your Favorite slippers

With a brief glance into our various brands, styles, and colors, hopefully you can select a pair of beach shoes that highlight your outfit, occasion, and even personality! Whether you prefer vibrant or subdued, heel or flat, thick or thin sole, we feature several slippers just for you!

Brazilian Flip Flops

Whether you are a man or a woman, summer calls for the most fashionable of beach shoes! Available in a variety of colors and compositions, flip flops will add the perfect hue of color and fashion to your wardrobe! Our flips flops are designed with varying materials to support different types of feet and are made in Brazil! Many of our stylish beach shoes are cheap exclusives. Whether you need cushion or cute, male or female, our wide array of sandals will certainly pique your interest! In order to choose the best type model for you, you need to know their types, their comfort, and obviously, their relation to your style!

Gold flip flops

Few fashion items are as diverse and appealing as a pair of gold flip flops. While perfectly appropriate for the beach, gold flip flops can often be worn with more upscale outfits as well. When you're attending a barbecue but still want to look luxurious, gold flip flops can provide the added glamour that your casual outfit needs to make a stunning first impression. Whether they're embellished with other ornaments or more simple in design, gold flip flops are a must-have item for any fashionista's wardrobe. Since they can be worn with so many different ensembles, most women will be surprised by how much value they receive from these fabulous flip flops.

Leather flip flops

Feel soft leather next to the skin and the feet respond with joy. There is almost nothing as comfortable as wearing leather flip flops. Unlike hard, synthetic material, real quality leather feels soothing to weary feet. Fashion and comfort equal the ideal formula for creating perfect leather flip flops. Lovely to behold, the earthy tones plant feet firmly on the ground. Featuring comfy toe dividers and stylish designs, the leather flip flops offer long-lasting durability. Consumers who love real leather are sure to appreciate these quality leather flip flops. Wear them while walking about town or visiting the ocean. Create a diverse shoe collection by investing in leather flip flops.

Pink flip flops

For making a fun and feminine fashion statement, pink flip flops are the way to go. Whether they're flirty or functional, pink flip flops are definitely an excellent addition to anyone's shoe collection. If you're wearing all white or all black, they can even complement your outfit with a pop of color. Of course, pink flip flops are always popular on the beach or by the pool. If you're headed to a summer party, pink flip flops will make a serious style statement. They also look amazing with any swimwear. Whatever your plans may be, there is a pair of pink flip flops that will take your outfit to the next level.

White flip flops

White flip flops are a simple summer staple that are good to have on hand all year round. Blending in with every outfit, their easy, carefree look allows you to express your sense of style. Gone are the days when you only had a few options; now there are endless choices for bold white flip flops that truly stand out and make a statement. Whether your white flip flops are unadorned or bedazzled, they're sure to score compliments from your friends. This clean and fresh footwear will knock everyone's socks off. There's no such thing as having too many pairs of white flip flops.

Red flip flops

Red flip flops can add mystery and fun to any outfit you put together. Perfect to wear during all of the seasons, red flip flops conjure the festive flair that you need when you're going out on the town or just walking to the beach. Whether you're on a holiday vacation or you're about to go surfing in the middle of summer, red flip flops add a certain spark to any ensemble. With red flip flops, you always know that your outfit is going to stand out. When you're wearing red flip flops, every day feels like a sparkling cause for celebration.

Boy flip flops

Energetic kids, adventures and boy flip flops all go together. Your little one's casual wardrobe is not complete without a pair or two of boy flip flops in fun colors. Playful graphic designs on the Havaianas boy flip flops are sure to capture their imaginations. Superheroes, animals, nature and Disney-inspired designs make these boy flip flops among your kids' favorite footwear. The Ipanema line features secure strapped sandals for younger feet. These boy flip flops are proudly made in Brazil from recyclable PVC that is tough and sturdy yet very comfy because your boys' developing feet need extra protection. Let them find their own adventures at the beach, pool, park or anywhere imaginations are encouraged to fly free.

Boy flip flops must be built with a certain toughness in mind to support the adventurous spirit of the mighty little warrior. Our boy flip flops are durable yet exceptionally stylish to protect his feet on every conquest

Girl flip flops

What are little girls made for? Bows and straps and candy-colored girl flip flops from The perfect accessory for the beach outfit that your little princess absolutely loves, our girl flip flops come in a variety of styles from famous designers like Ipanema, Havaianas and Melissa. These dreamy girl flip flops are a joy to wear because they are comfortable, cushy and colorful. Classic thong sandals are updated with stripes, polka dots and fruit-inspired designs in pastels, neutrals and cartoon character-emblazoned soles. Taking inspiration from ballerina flats, Melissa footwear adds bows on peep toes or heavy texture to closed-toe shoes. Made from durable yet comfortable material, our girl flip flops complete your little girl's swim or play outfit.

Girl flip flops are designed uniquely in that they support the delicate structure of a growing foot. Our girl flip flops add just the right touch of flair and glitzy glamour to bring out her inner princess.

Baby flip flops

As if your little angels weren't cute enough already, we have designed the cutest baby flip flops to go with their swim outfit. Our swimwear baby flip flops come in a variety of styles ranging from strappy thongs to fully enclosed mary janes for the beach or pool. The colors are bold, and the styles even bolder with quirky adornments such as Minnie Mouse heads, fruit and popsicles. These baby flip flops were designed for comfort, durability and style. Although we had the beach in mind, these baby flip flops are perfectly cool to wear anywhere shoes are welcome. Your budding fashionista deserves a dramatic entrance: let her have it with a stylish swimsuit matched with a pair of our baby flip flops.

When it's time to get your little one ready for summer, nothing will suit their style better than baby flip flops. We have baby flip flops available in a plethora of sizes and colors.

Flip flops for men

Take a look at our trendsetting and eye-catching flip flops for men. Brilliant solid colors complement your swimwear, and some of our flip flops for men have patterns as well. Choose a style with straps that match or contrast with the fashionable sole. Our Flip flops for men feature wide straps as well as the traditional skinny ones to provide solid comfort for your feet.

Our original designs in Flip flops for men include colors that you rarely find in men’s footwear. We offer original concepts that give you an elegant and sophisticated appearance wherever you go for a swim. Our Havaianas, Ipanema and Rider flip flops for men give you a stylish edge.


Reef is one of our brands that offers men's leather flip flops. Many of the colors overlap between the sexes, but several of our men's shoes are available in more neutral colors such as brown, black, silver, and white flip flops. For men who prefer brighter colors, we feature yellow, green, and red flip flops - to name a few.


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