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Two-piece Swimwear

Rio de Sol FOLHAGEM MICRO   $78.61 
BBS X RIO DE SOL - Wavy red scrunch bikini in polka dots - POA RED FRUFRU
New !
Rio de Sol BBS X RIO DE SOL - Wavy red scrunch bikini in polka dots - POA RED FRUFRU   $78.63 
Triangle grey bikini with rings and scrunch bottom - SEAMLESS GREY TURI TURAI
Luli Fama Triangle grey bikini with rings and scrunch bottom - SEAMLESS GREY TURI TURAI   $179.51 
Luli Fama BARACOA CORAL AMOR Y MIEL   $177.26 
Luli Fama CROSS BLACK TRIANA   $177.26 
Reversibile scrunch bikini tie dye pink / leaves - SEAMLESS BAMBOLEO
Luli Fama Reversibile scrunch bikini tie dye pink / leaves - SEAMLESS BAMBOLEO   $179.51 
Luli Fama RUCHED RED MACARENA   $172.77 
Thong Bikini - RiodeSol PRETO MICRO
Rio de Sol Thong Bikini - RiodeSol PRETO MICRO   $33.68 
Luli Fama ZIG ZAG BLACK TRIANA   $175.02 
Luli Fama FREE IVORY BULERIA   $177.26 
Triangle yellow Brazilian bikini with scrunch bottom - SEAMLESS BANANA COSTA DEL SOL
Luli Fama Triangle yellow Brazilian bikini with scrunch bottom - SEAMLESS BANANA COSTA DEL SOL   $179.51 
Luli Fama FREE BLACK BULERIA   $177.26 
Black bra bikini with side rings - RUCHED BLACK TIRI TURAI
Luli Fama Black bra bikini with side rings - RUCHED BLACK TIRI TURAI   $179.51 
Luli Fama CROSS IVORY BULERIA   $177.26 
Black high-waisted bikini with rings retails - RING BLACK TIRI TURAI
Luli Fama Black high-waisted bikini with rings retails - RING BLACK TIRI TURAI   $179.51 
Triangle black bikini with rings and scrunch bottom - SEAMLESS BLACK TIRI TURAI
Luli Fama Triangle black bikini with rings and scrunch bottom - SEAMLESS BLACK TIRI TURAI   $179.51 
Grey bra bikini with ring details and scrunch bottom - RUCHED GREY TURI TURAI
Luli Fama Grey bra bikini with ring details and scrunch bottom - RUCHED GREY TURI TURAI   $179.51 
Grey high-waisted bikini with crossed back and ring detail - RING GREY TURI TURAI
Luli Fama Grey high-waisted bikini with crossed back and ring detail - RING GREY TURI TURAI   $179.51 
Luli Fama BRAIDED CORAL AMOR Y MIEL   $177.26 
Luli Fama RING TORERO TURI TURAI   $172.77 
Pastel blue side-tie string bikini - ACQUA FLORA MICRO
Rio de Sol Pastel blue side-tie string bikini - ACQUA FLORA MICRO   $76.39 
Luli Fama LACED UP GOLD RUSH MAMBO   $177.26 
Luli Fama WAVY WAPISIMA   $179.51 
Luli Fama FULL CORAL AMOR Y MIEL   $186.25 
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Two-piece Swimwear

Discover our amazingly on-trend two-piece swimsuits, ultra fashionable and the best way to laze in the sun! Printed or plain, choose your favorite amongst the bandeau, triangle and Brazilian styles we have selected for you. Choose your favorite bikini top and check out bikini bottoms. You will find a full coverage, hipster bikini bottoms and cheeky bikini bottoms that are fashionable in the U.S. or string bikini appreciated not only in Brazil but also Europe (e.g. Italy). A wide range of trendy Brazilian two-piece swimsuits in various forms: bandeau, triangle, balconette, scrunch, high pants, with jewelry...A tankini is a beautiful summer design, ensuring full coverage to your tummy. With the specially designed fabric, it will make your body look stunning and comfortable. You can match it even with string models if you like - choose costumes that suit you best. Summer fabric used in our clothing collection is worn all over the world. If you have a nice waist - show it! Get one of our side ties - it will suit you even better than underwear! Mix and match our fully lined and top designer swimwear to create your own unique set! Original and colorful printed materials. Inspired and manufactured in Brazil and sold all over the world. Trust us! Marilyn Monroe also loved two-piece swimsuit! Inspired by Latin culture and manufactured mainly in Brazil. If you are looking for a special price check out our women swimsuit collection on sale. See free shipping orders conditions.

How to choose a two-piece swimwear according to your body type.

No matter if you are curvy or have a small chest, a two-piece swimsuit or a bikini set is always a good choice! Follow our advice in order to find your dream bikini.

Round, sexy and trendy in a bikini set!

On the contrary to the belief that two-piece swimwear is exclusively reserved for a tall and skinny silhouette, today it is available in many shapes and cuts. It is also possible to choose the top and bottom of the same model in a different size in order to create a set that will cherish your figure. Choose a two-piece swimsuit and take a refreshing swim! We guarantee the top design and that you will attract the attention of all the men at the beach! We also have a section of beach clothing and accessories, a perfect place to get gifts for yourself and your best friends!

Regarding bottoms – high-waisted bottoms deserve special attention this summer! Some models are equipped in a slimming belt for optimal support and an instant flat stomach effect. They serve as a good body shaping underwear. Forget the shorty bottoms which, contrary to what one might think, is not going to camouflage the curves, but on the contrary, it will only flatten your silhouette. This is especially true if you are short. Instead, go for a high leg model that will lengthen the legs subtly. If you prefer a full coverage, hipster bikini bottom, cheeky bikini bottom (very appreciated in the US)or high waist models we also have many options for you! If you are enough self-confident - go for string bikini (like in Brazil or Italy in Europe!).

To add a little bit of exotic vibe a built-up bikini top may be in tropical or graphic prints. Plain colors are a great match with the top of your choice. Black, white or red – these classic colors are always a good solution. Pink, red, white and many more - shop the colors and mix match!

What kind of bathing costumes can be worn by women with big breasts?

Take the underwear example. Wide and well-designed straps should ensure good support for any chest in a bigger size. If your cleavage is generous you should try one of the plus-size tops with underwire. A Tankini with adjustable ties is also a smart option. The important thing is good fabric and the possibility of straps regulation to assure your comfort. Wide straps will ensure the support you need, just like in underwear. Check out our best selling models!

If you need to add some volume to your chest try a padded halter bikini top (Marylin Monroe style!) or a fully lined criss-cross top to add some fun and attract some men attention!

If you want to hide our belly or you love to swim and do sports choose one of our tankini models!

Which two-piece for tall and slim women?

If you are slim and tall you can wear absolutely everything! We love shorty bikini! Match of a short bottom and a bandeau top will make you look sublime. Let go your creativity and make your own set choosing colorful prints! Don’t hesitate to attract men attention and choose eye-catching details: tassels, frills and ruffles. Show your belly and slim waist by choosing a low waist tankini or bottoms. Two-piece swimwear is a sexy piece swimwear!

Beach superstar: Brazilian bikini is made for you! A real seduction ally, it characterizes with cut out bottoms, a bit similar to string. The top consists of two triangles connected by a piece of string to tie on the side. In this swimwear, your muscular buttocks and your legs will be beautifully highlighted.
Have a colorful skirt with you to be ready for the unexpected.

Small chest: which 2-piece to choose?

To highlight a small chest and show what is the best about it, the padded triangle is one of the great classics, next to the bandeau model. For those who wish to make their small breasts look more generous, a balconette top provides an irresistible push-up effect. Bathing costumes are often designed as underwear. Of course, the fabric is different and they are fully lined. However, the coverage cut is reflected! Beautiful design of wide straps swimsuit, that ties on the neck plus amazing accessories and high-quality fabrics shall satisfy all women. For those courageous ones, we propose string design, with just a little bit of fabric. Looking for gifts ideas? Maybe you will really like one of out fabric prints or a sexy design?

What kind of bikini for sports lovers?

Men and women love sports, so do you? Get one of our sports cut bottoms and a tankini top that ties! Cross back solutions are on fire! If you plan to go for beach sports or swim in a pool, opt for the sports bottoms and tops. A tankini is great for sports, you can mix it with sports bottoms. We love ties of multiple positions. There are some bathing costumes models that have ties on the neck, on the back. Side ties in the bottom is also a good solution - it will adjust perfectly to your shape. You can add a feminine touch to your summer swim sessions by putting on a lace tank top over your sports set. Cross the limits of your imagination, mix match top designs and designers, fabric styles, flowers and straps! Wrap tops cross on your tummy or back - feel free to choose what suits you best!

All you have to do is choose from the wide selection in order to find your perfect swimming costume that will match your style and personality. Looking for some summer clothing or gifts? Check out our sale section. Sign up to our newsletter - you will get special gifts: a 10% discount and free delivery!

Bikini - yes! But which one?

Bikinis are worn worldwide by fashion icons, and it all started a long time ago with Marilyn Monroe. We keep close ties to the designers and follow beachwear and underwear fashion trends. Why both? The underwear design trends are often reflected in ladies swimming costumes fashion and on the opposite. In Brazil and other South American countries, a swimsuit or a two-piece are worn almost every day. What is more, the women there appreciate a deep cut. However, on Brazilian Bikini Shop, you will find the type of cut you need and feel comfortable with (from full coverage to string bikini!). When it comes to swimsuits for women, there is nothing like a two-piece bathing suit. Deftly the combination of a specially designed fabric and feminine curves makes the bikini one of the top choice among bathing costumes for women. Our alluring collection of bikinis exemplifies their popularity in several ways. First of all goes the amazing variety of brilliant colors, figure-flattering design and bold patterns. From fringe and tie-dye to ruffles, animal prints and lace. There are the details distinguish our extraordinary bathing suits. The pleasure of sunbathing and taking a swim in one of our bathing suits is an unforgettable, unique experience. If you are looking for gifts check out our sale section! You will find there carefully designed pieces that can be worn by your beloved ones. Don't forget about men - they will also appreciate fashion gifts of the best quality fabric! Surely you will find come clothing what will suit your men best. Best price and clothing designed by the best South American brands. Get gifts to yourself - maybe our favorite design is on sale now?

Mix & Match swimwear

Mix and match and find your perfect combination! Make your own unique bikini set and choose sizes, cuts, colors and prints! Great choice, finest quality and newest trends – this and much more you will find only on Brazilian Bikini Shop!

Mix and match swimwear is a perfect option for most of the women. Why? Because our bodies are different and we cherish this variety allowing combination of sizes on Brazilian Bikini Shop. Generous cleavage does not always go with generous bottom and other way around! And it is perfectly fine, we have bikini sets and you can mix the way you want! Sizes are not the only mix & match possibility. Now, you can combine different models into your own unique bikini set! In Brazil it is very popular to match color and patterns, bikini bottoms doesn’t have to be in the same color as the top! The more creative the better! The same thing concerns cuts. You may easily match scrunch bottoms with crop top if you only feel like. No matter your choice, you may be sure that you are choosing the best quality and finest fabrics and that you purchase will serve you several seasons!


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